About Me

Lakshman ReddyHi All, I’m Lakshman Reddy working as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Consultant and would like to share my experience with you here, hope it helps you.

  1. Abhijit Desai says:

    Good Start & nice articles. …

  2. Geyavardhan says:

    Chala Manchi Blog … Keep it going.

    – Geyavardhan

  3. sumathi says:


    How to create a plug-in for making phone calls from CRM

  4. Bhawana says:

    Hi Lakhman Reddy,

    Meeru freelance projects chaastharaa?
    mee contacts details eevaagalaraa

  5. Sendil says:

    Hi Lakshman

    your blog gives useful information about CRM. i have a query on CRM. is it possible to perform IO operation in a workflow Activity. this Custom WF activity is registered inside CRM 2013. if Possible how to achieve this


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